Who's Who

The Directors

Mr Keith Hateley - President

I joined the Council in 2006 initially with responsibility for the anti-doping policy, the Amateur Coaching Scheme and EADA Training.  I became Vice-President in 2010 and was elected as President in November 2011

I also try to do some dancing.  I’ve been competing for 9 years and currently do Senior Ballroom & Latin.  We are based in the Midlands.   The other hobby is dogs – we travel all over the world for dog shows and contests.


Mr Peter Jones - Treasurer & Membership Secretary

I was on the Council from 1980-1983 and then again from 1991 and am basically in charge of the money!  I produce budgets for the year and financial forecasts and I’m in charge of all our dealings with the bank, auditors and tax man.  I work for a bank so have some experience with number crunching.   I’m the one in charge of the chequebook so couples should contact me if they want to pay any money from demos into their trust fund or if they would like some money out of their trust fund.

I have been competing for 30 years and was a British National Finalist in Senior Ballroom and was West of England Amateur Ballroom & Latin Champion.    I also took part in celebrations for the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday, the closing ceremony of the commonwealth games in 2002 and have had several TV & Film appearances.  Previously on the council I have been membership secretary and Avon club rep.  I am still involved with the Avon club (and have been secretary for 33 years) and organise the Avon Amateurs dance competitions and other events.


Dr Rachelle Stretch – Vice-President, Press & Publicity Officer and Universities Liaison Officer

My role is to promote EADA and raise the profile of Amateur dancing in this country.  I produce E-Motion the quarterly e-newsletter, InMotion magazine and the monthly dancenews column as well as manage our Facebook group.  I also help with content for the website and I moderate the Forum.  I liase with outside organisations if they require Amateur demonstrations and I’m able to help any members who would like to get more publicity for any dance related activity they might be doing.  I also promote EADA and the open circuit to university students and encourage promoters to host student-friendly events.   I am keen to improve our communications with our members and would be happy to hear any suggestions.

In my spare time I do try to do some dancing.   I do ballroom and Latin and have competed at a pre-champ/Amateur level.  I also was part of the XS Latin Formation Team and represented England at the Formation World Championships.  I have also been heavily involved with the Inter Varsity Dance Association (the student dance circuit) and have organised national student dance competitions.  I have also written articles for Dance Today.  I started ballroom and latin at school aged 16, did my medals and then started competing on the university circuit.  I first joined EADA in 2003 and was elected onto the Council in 2007.

Mr Colin Hanson-New  - Charts coordinator & MAD rep

I joined the council in 2008 as representative for the MAD club and in 2009 took on the role of travel rep and demos coordinator. 

I’ve been a member of EADA for about 6 years and compete in Senior II Ballroom.


The Council

Mr Jack Gibson  - Anti Doping & Avon rep

One of the new recruits to the Council joining in 2009, my role as club rep is to represent the interests of Avon Amateurs on the Council and to ensure the club is aware of all the issues affecting amateur dancers.  I have taken on the role of anti-doping officer from Keith and will be helping with the administration involved in testing.  I’m more of a social dancer than competitor but I have won some social comps.


Ms Inna Vasilyeva  - Assistant to membership Secretary

I compete in Senior I Ballroom & Latin although am without a partner at the moment.  I have been a member of EADA for 8 years and joined the Council in 2006 to help with processing student memberships and registration of formation teams.  I am originally from Russia and I am a keen dress-maker and can make Ballroom and Latin dresses to order. 


Sequence rep - required


Mr Albert Heaney  - Child Protection Adviser

My job as Director of Social Services and Chair of a Local Safeguarding Children Board in Wales, gives me a strong background for fulfilling my role.  My son is the dancer rather than myself, but because of him dancing has become a full time hobby.

Honorary Life Members:

David Corfield

Mary Corfield

John Duhig

Laurie Gregory

Elsie Gregory


Angela Rippon OBE

Previous Presidents:

1986-2004 Rita Thomas

2004-2011 David Corfield