Amateur Coaching Scheme

The purpose of the EADA Amateur Coaching Scheme is to allow our EADA registered dancers to continue to compete as amateurs while allowing them to develop their skills in the coaching of others prior to their turning Professional.

BDC rules prevent Amateurs of any nationality from teaching, coaching or demonstrating choreography in this country, unless they are signed up to our Amateur Coaching Scheme.  To be on the scheme you must be a Full EADA Member, of at least pre-champ level and aged at least 16 years old.
More information is available from Tony Clipstone on coachingscheme [at] eada [dot] org [dot] uk.

How does the scheme work?

The scheme itself allows for four levels of qualification, and in order to progress from one level to the next the Amateur will be required to pass an examination. The Amateur must at all times work under the supervision of a fully qualified Professional from whom the Amateur will gain the necessary knowledge and experience of the teaching and technique of dance in order to be able pass on high quality coaching to others. At all the Levels within the Scheme regular reports of progress will be required from the Professional to EADA and they will form part of the Amateurs portfolio.
It is not necessary for the Amateur to study both Ballroom and Latin American styles, or be of the same level in each style. However if only one style is being studied then only that style may be coached.

What do the exams involve?

A list of examiners will be appointed by the British Dance Council (BDC), in order to be eligible for inclusion a Professional must be an examiner of their own teachers society. These examinations will take place at a time and place agreed by EADA and will be part Oral and part Practical and must be taken within the required time period as detailed in the Syllabus.

What would I be permitted to do on the scheme and can I earn money?

·    Those on the scheme are not permitted to teach individual couples, take classes or teach groups of children.
·    The rules of the Amateur Coaching Scheme precludes Amateurs from receiving money for teaching.  Expenses can be received through your Professional.
·    Those on the scheme may not give individual private lessons to couples and may only assist in teaching a class, which is defined as a group of no less than four people, under the supervision and in the presence of your “named” Professional coach.
·    Couples on the scheme are not to determine themselves when they can take an examination.  It is up to the Professional coach to inform the EADA Coaching Scheme Representative that his or her student is ready to take the examination.    

The syllabus can be downloaded here.

What happens when I turn Professional?

If an Amateur then wishes to transfer their Coaching Scheme level to their Professional qualification it will be possible to apply for APL (Accredited Prior Learning) to their chosen Professional body, thereby exempting them from completing these Units again. Full details can be found in the syllabus, which will be provided once you are accepted onto the scheme.

How do I apply?

In order to apply to join the Scheme the candidate must be aged 16 or over on the date of application. The scheme is open to applications from full EADA members only who are registered at Pre-championship level or above in the style in which they wish. Those applying must be registered to work under the supervision of a Professional. All those applying will be required to undergo a CRB check.  If you have any questions please contact coachingscheme [at] eada [dot] org [dot] uk (Keith).

What are the costs involved?

The Amateur is responsible for the costs and expenses in relation to this scheme, including, but not exclusively those incurred by the Professional and all costs and expenses relating to the examinations. The Application fee is currently £25. There will also be Child Protection Checks which are currently £15, this is to cover the costs relating to completion of Child Protection checks. This is usually a one-off check, but should it be necessary to carry out these checks again in the future a fee will be payable. If the administration can’t be carried out by e-mail there will be a fee of £10 to cover the costs of printing and postage. Examination fees will vary depending upon the teaching societies.


We are delighted that over 60 of our members are enrolled on the scheme and helping at dance schools across the country.  Richard Still & Morgan Hemphill were the first couple to pass Level 1 and 2 of the scheme, which they did in January 2009: "We had a theory lesson each week for just over a year and extra in the run up to the exam," they explain,  "This definitely helped us to have a better understanding of our dancing and also may help in the future to give back to our schools which have given us such a lot of support.  We'd definitely recommend the scheme to other Amateurs and it certainly helps us be on more of a level playing field as our overseas competitors."