Chart FAQ

Q. What are the charts for?
A. The charts are used to maintain a ranking of our British couples.  Demonstration opportunities may also be passed to couples at the top of the chart.  Being in the top six in the chart will make you eligible for a recommendation from EADA for the FAN (Free access for national sports people) scheme - which enables  top competitiors to have free access to local gym  and sports facilities (opportunities will vary depending on local councils).  Prizes may also be available to couples at the top of the chart.

Q. Does EADA organise the Ranking Events?
A. No. Each year, EADA awards chart status to a number of competitions, and these are organised and run by the promoter.

Q. How are the Ranking Events selected?
A. The EADA Chart Committee devises the calendar from a list of competitions that have applied for chart status for the following year.  For more information click here.

Q. Do the charts take into consideration all chart rated competitions?
A. The charts work on a rolling basis. That is, every time a new competition result is added to the chart, the oldest result falls off the other end. Only one event is now required for a ranking.
Q. Who can enter Ranking Events?
A. Chart competitions are open to any couple who are registered with an amateur organization in the UK.  However only EADA memebers will receive points and appear in the EADA National Ranking and be eligible for the benefits associated with the charts. 

Q. What are the age groups for chart rated events?
A. The age grouping is the same as BDC age groups.

  • Juvenile - under 12
  • Junior - From the start of the year you turn 12 to the start of the year you turn 16
  • Youth - from start of the year you turn 16 to start of the year you turn 19
  • Adult Over 16 (note not the start of the year but your birthday)
  • Senior I - Start of the year you turn 35
  • Senior II - Start of the year you turn 45
  • Senior III - Start of the year you turn 55

Q. Do you have to compete in all the ranking events to receive a placing in the chart?
A. No.  There is a table showing the number of ranking events you have to compete in, in each age group to receive a ranking.  For Juvenile and all 10-dance competitions there are 5 ranking events in the year, and the chart takes your best 3 results. For all the other Ballroom and Latin events, the best 5 results count, and there are 7 competitions in the year.  You can opt to do more events if you want, so if you do seven competitions for example, the best five results will be used to calculate your chart position.

Q. How are points awarded?
A. Points are awarded to couples where both dancers are a member of EADA,  depending on your finishing position.

  • 1st place: 12 points
  • 2nd place: 11 points
  • 3rd place: 10 points
  • 4th place: 9 points
  • 5th place: 8 points
  • 6th place: 7 points
  • Below 6th but making the final: 6 points
  • Semi Finalists 5 points
  • Quarter Finalist 4 points
  • The round before quarter finalist 3 points
  • The round before the round before the quarter final : 2 points

Please note that points cannot be awarded retrospectively if a dancer was to join EADA after competing in a ranking event.

Q. How does the scoring for ten dance comps work?
A. The point scores for those placed 1 – 6 remains the same. If you are outside the top 6, but make any final, you get 6 points. If you are outside the top 6 but make two finals, you still only get the 6.

Q. Why is the chart not immediately updated?
A. After the competition the results are sent in to the EADA Office by the promoter and the Chart coordinator checks which competitiors are memebers of EADA and should receive points.   This can sometimes take a little while. Occasionally, there is a dispute about the result that has to be resolved before the chart is updated.

Q. What happens if a couple splits or turns Professional?
A. When a couple split up or turn Professional, they are removed from the EADA National chart.

Q. What happens if a couple goes up an age group?
A. Their scores are removed from the chart as they are no longer able to be selected at that age category.

Q. Why have points not been awarded?
A. If your EADA membership is not up to date, you wont receive your points.