Information for newcomers

Q Where I can find a Ballroom & Latin teacher near me?
There are several listings of dance teachers which are included on the links at the bottom of the page and you can also try Yellow pages. However we recommend the "looking for a dance teacher" website of the ISTD which allows you to search for teachers in different styles in different areas.  Alternatively you might find a College/University near you has a ballrom/latin dance club and classes are open to non-students.

Q What shoes should I wear?
Wear sensible, comfortable shoes. For women we would recommend a slight heel, but not a tall stiletto. For men we would recommend an evening shoe. Trainers can be difficult to dance in.

Q What clothes should I wear?
Wear something comfortable. Trousers are fine for women but if you wish to wear a skirt or dress make sure it has a full skirt so that you can move easily; a long skirt for ballroom and knee length for Latin. Bear in mind dancing is a form of exercise that can burn 300 calories per hour - so nothing too warm.

Q Do I need to bring a partner?

No - the majority of classes will allow you to attend on your own and they will rotate through partners in the class. As you progress you may wish to find a partner to practice with and there are several websites to allow you to advertise for a dance partner such as:  Dancesport UK, Ballroom Dance Partners and the EADA Forum.

Q Where can I get my first pair of dance shoes?
Local dance shops often stock a limited amount of Ballroom and Latin shoes. These shoes have suede soles to allow for ease of movement across the floor.  Men and women obviously have different shoes and boys and girls also have a different style of shoe.  There are different shoes for ballroom and Latin, however if you just want to invest in one pair, women can dance ballroom in Latin shoes.

There are numerous dance retailers who supply shoes, we would recommend DSI & Supadance as two of the main suppliers in this country. EADA members receive a 10% discount with these companies.

Q Can I do medals?
Most dance schools will offer a medal exam through one of the various teaching organisations: ISTD, IDTA, UKA or NATD. If you speak to your teacher they should be able to advise you

Q What should I do if I want to compete?
Speak to your teacher.  There are competitions at a beginner and novice level and your teacher can advise what events would be suitable for you. Competitions are held virtually every weekend at various locations across the country.  Lists of competitions can be found in Dancenews, Dance Today and our online calendar.

For competitions above beginner level dancers wil need to join an amateur association, such as EADA, in order to be able to compete. Information on registering with EADA.

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