Members of EADA are competitive dancers of all ages and abilities.  Joining EADA entitles you to take advantage of various offers and to receive our publications.    Information on joining and the benefits of membership can be found below. Anyone of any age, background and nationality may join EADA although please note to represent England at least one member of the couple must hold a current valid British passport.


The benefits of EADA membership

Joining EADA entitles you to:

Joining EADA

If you would like to become a member of EADA or if you would like to renew your existing membership please download the application form and post it together with your payment (cheques payable to EADA Ltd.) and an SAE to the address on the form.  (Please ensure you have sufficient postage on the enevelope otherwise your registration might be delayed: Royal Mail website)

Membership lasts for the calendar year. Once your registration has been processed you will receive a membership card with your name an EADA membership number. Please allow sufficient time for us to process your membership application before entering a competition (we recommend allowing 21 days for memberships to be processed).  Please note that if you lose your card and require a replacement, there is an administration fee.

We would advise contacting the membership office if you are applying for membership for an under 18 foreign national.

The BDC have recently announced that to be able to compete in competitions run under BDC rules you must be a member of the BDC or an amateur organisation that is a member of the BDC (i.e. WADA or DSS).

If you are not sure about issues regarding registration, have a look at our frequently asked questions section. If you can't find the answer there, email membership [at] eada [dot] org [dot] uk

Membership costs:


2017 Membership Form can be downloaded here

Cost of EADA membership for 2017 is £10.00 per person

It is possible to pay by bank transfer - please download EADA's details.
Please note the new postal address on the form which registrations should be sent to and also that registered and special delivery mail cannot be accepted at this address without prior arrangement.  Contact membership [at] eada [dot] org [dot] uk
EADA cards with an EADA membership number (see below for format) will be sent out as soon as the memberships have been processed. 
Membership numbers for 2011 onwards:
Each member age group has the same number series for instant recognition:
Juvenile 20XXX; Junior 25XXX; Youth 50XXX; Adult 55XXX; Senior 70XXX; and NRE permit holders are 49XXX


Other dance styles:


Competitors should obtain their membership through their Dance School.

BDC Freestyle Registration Information


The Formation Teachers Alliance voted not to register formation team members with EADA from 2011.  For domestic formation enquiries contact the FTA, for WDSF World and European competition formation enquiries contact membership secretary for Dancesport England.

Affiliated Clubs:

Amateur Associations wishing to affiliate to EADA must pay an annual fee at the start of each year to the Membership Secretary. They are required to submit a list of names of their members each year and a copy of their constitution the first time they join. Affiliating to EADA entitles the club to link with EADA's Civil Liability Insurance cover; access to EADA's Child Protection Policy, Equity Policy, Risk Analysis and Drugs in Sport legislation support. If you are part of a club that is interested in affiliating to EADA please contact membership [at] eada [dot] org [dot] uk.

Schools Clubs:

EADA can provide a membership number to a dance school for the purpose of giving young dancers the opportunity to take part in open competition. The cost is £25.00 annually per school for up to 50 names. The school can then take part in an open competition in 1-dance or 2-dance events, or special competitions run by the promoter on the one registration number. Please note that individuals cannot use this number to compete. For more information contact please contact  membership [at] eada [dot] org [dot] uk.

EADA Associate Membership:

Associate memerbship is £7.50 and those wiwshing to become associate memrebs should complete the same registration form.
Associate members of EADA receive E-Motion, InMotion and an EADA membership card, which will entitle them to discounts with Chrisanne, Crystal-Clover, DSI, Desire Designs Desiree, Supadance and Spot Turn Ballroom and other discounts offered to EADA members as listed on our offers page.
Associate membership runs on the calendar year and costs £10 per year per person or £100 for life membership.  Please note to vote at the AGM you must be a full member of EADA.  EADA is run by volunteers and therefore any income from associate membership is used to support amateur dancers in England. 

Other registration issues:

Reinstatement as an Amateur
Turning Professional

Reinstatement as an Amateur:

From 1st January 2012, reinstatement will be handled solely by the BDC.  Please contact the BDC Secretary directly with any reinstatement requests.


Turning Professional:

If you are turning Professional please contact the Membership Secretary on membership [at] eada [dot] org [dot] uk who will revert your status to Associate member for the remainder of the calendar year.

Data Protection

All data is held securely by EADA and will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of EADA and its members. Selected data is available to the British Dance Council, Dancesport England, and other affiliated dance organisations for specific projects.  Data is used for the full range of EADA’s activities including sending publications, the promotion of benefits and services to members, the notification of events and the raising of funds for EADA all of which might include an element of direct marketing.  Under the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act you have the right to object to the use of your data for any of these purposes and can request that your details are not passed on to any other organisations.  You are able to specify on the registration form if you are willing for your contact details to be given to those individuals and organisations looking for demonstration couples.