EADA has produced a number of documents which aim to formalise key areas of rules and policies.

The documents referred to below are available as downloads below or from the EADA Office (although a small handling charge might be applicable if you require the document posting to you)

EADA Articles of Association (last revised November 2011)

Bye-laws (last revised Nov 2011)

2011 EADA Chart Event Guidelines  (last revised January 2010)

EADA Equity Policy

<EADA Child Protection Policy> Currently being reviewed

BDC Rules:

For a copy of the BDC rulebook you will need to contact the BDC directly.  For details of where to send a cheque please see their website.

WDSF Rules:

WDSF rules can be found on the WDSF website.

WDC Rules:

WDC Amateur League rules for ranking can be found on the WDC website

Simplifying the rules:

For complicated areas of legislation and explanations of recent changes please see the following information sheets which might help you:

Legislation re. Permanent residents (Jan 2009)

Further explanation of many of the rules can be found in our useful information section.